De-icing Salt

NGS is a leading force in the European White De-icing Salt market.

White marine salt is typically a very high purity salt with a higher moisture content which helps it work faster, more efficiently and without inconveniences that the traditional rocksalt/grit can bring such as mud, scratches to floors, stains, need for trafficking and blocked drains.

White marine salt, which is also known as sea salt is a 100% natural product and is a 100% sustainable product, unlike brown rocksalt which is mined and therefore leaves irrepairable damage to the enviornment and a negative legacy for future generations.

NGS also supplies white rocksalt, which is mined from the ground and is however a much dryer and dusty product with greater fines. Whilst this product is preferable to some applications due to the dryer nature of the salt, it is not as effective for de-icing as white marine salt. This salt is also mined from the ground. However some applications prefer this rocksalt due to the drier nature of the salt.

NGS is able to supply white marine salt in a variety of specifications and gradings in line with customer requirements which can include varying moisture levels, anti caking levels, grading levels, washed stages, coated levels and varying metallic levels.

NGS is able to supply raw salt, triple washed salt and pre-wet salt with calcium, magnesium or salt brine as per requirements.

NGS is also able to supply various other de-icing solutions such as calcium and magnesium flakes in varying purities as well as saturators to make brines from these products in tankers or IBC containers.

Customers can collect or we can deliver all products 24 hours per day 365 days per year.


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