Supply chain

NGS strives to keep an open minded approach to supply chain selection, management and monitoring, in trying to achieve the following objectives;
1. Encouraging a diverse base of suppliers
2. Promoting fair employment practices
3. Promoting workforce welfare
4. Meeting targeted recruitment and training needs
5. Community benefits & sustainable development
6. Ethical sourcing practices
7. Promoting greater environmental sustainability
8. Supporting and encouraging new and SME businesses
9. Promoting Respect within all relationships

NGS knows that it cannot alone meet all of its objectives but needs the support and dedication of all its external relationships to work with these objectives in mind, thus all suppliers must both understand and strive to meet these objectives along with NGS to be a successful long term supplier/Partner

NGS appreciates that business success is not only achieved by having a customer focused approach, but rather by understanding that a combination of all external relationships create a reliable, robust, safe, reputable, efficient and profitable business.

Therefore NGS both respects and welcomes supplier contact and feedback. If you feel that you may be able to help NGS in anyway whatsoever with suggestions, supply of products or services, efficiencies, sustainable development or any other aspect then please email:

Please send as much detail as possible including prices, specifications, methods, etc

All emails will be considered fully and a response will be sent back within 7 days

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