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Rock Salt & White De-Icing Salt
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We didn't run out of salt last winter, we don't intend to this winter! Order from us for guaranteed salt supplies.
We don't dilute our de-icing salt, as some others do, with sand and grit; so you so you get the pure product you pay for giving you fast, efficient and clean de-icing.
Our salt confirms to BS3247 standard

For wholesale orders, gritting services, and trade packaged products please see our corporate site

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For wholesale orders, gritting services, and trade packaged products please see our corporate site

Point of Sale Pure White De-Icing Salt

suitable for resale by High Street Outlets, Super Markets, DIY stores, Garage Forecourts,
a clean sustainable alternative to Rock Salt with guaranteed availability and attractively priced

Salt delivered for water softeners, de-icing etc.
 Block Salt (8kg bags), 
 Tablet , Granular (10kg & 25 kg bags)
 PDV  salt  (25 kg bags)
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Wholesale & Bulk Orders Welcome
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Jimmy white endorses pure white salt

Pure White De-Icing salt
(20kg, 25kg bags, Bulk Bags and Bulker loads)

NGS.  Delivers to all  of Mainland England, Wales, Scotland &  the Isle of Wight
For Scottish deliveries please call

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023 8087 5493*
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  Block salt that can fit in all Block salt Water softeners, including Harvey, Crown, Kinetico & TwinTec.

Tablet or Granular Salt will work with all other water softening machines, and is available in handy 10kg bags or the larger 25kg bags
Salt Granules can be used for dishwashers and salt water swimming pools

Delivery for our Block Salt, Granular Salt, Salt for Water Softeners and Tablet Salt is normally within 1 to 3 weeks,
See order page for details

Wholesale & Bulk Order please call or email for a quote

NGS import and supply high purity white salt typically 99.1 - 99.5% NaCl (min. 98.5%), specially grades to BS 3247, which ideal for paths, roads, car parks and highways. This is a sustainable product.
NGS’s white, finest quality de-icing salt is of the highest purity enabling you to use your salt more efficiently. The purity provides a quicker de-icing effect.
NGS’s de-icing salt is clean, anti-caking and leaves no residue on the ground, ideal for all access areas.
Ordinary brown salt contains impurities that create a muddy sludge that is tramped into cars and buildings, costing time and money to clear up as well as having a slower effect. Our Bulk Bags are fully lined & resealable to ensure the cleanliness of the salt, with a bottom chute to aid easy emptying if needed.

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023 8087 5493*

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t. 0845 604 5459 ext 5006

Salt is delivered  normally within 5-7 working days, though can on occasion take up to 14
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For wholesale orders, gritting services, and trade packaged products please see our corporate site


*please note there is a handling charge for telephone orders